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About Me.

Hi Sportsfans!


First off, thanks for popping by! 


I'm Brett, I come from a Iarge diversified French Canadian family, I am the youngest of .. *welp* 30 grandchildren as my father was the youngest of 11 children. If your next thought is in regards to them being "French Roman Catholic" you would be .. correct!

I have been a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department for nearly 15 years now. I could write a blog each week explaining the wild, exciting and hilarious but also devastatingly sad presentations that come through the doors in the department.

Fortunately we have HIPA, which is a privacy act preventing us and others from sharing the events... trust me, it is a good policy to have in place. 

Prior to this, I, once upon a time long long ago played soccer at the highest level in Canada (pre-MLS) in the A-League.  Since then my injuries have taken me out of soccer but they haven't taken the soccer out of me, I have a strong passion for it and am an avid Arsenal fan. #COYG 

I was blessed to be chosen to represent Saskatchewan as an RN at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 in the Polyclinic there and I place that experience as one of the top 5 of my life.

I also was able to do training with the STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) in 2012 and did some helicopter rescue missions in both Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.

Through my employment in the ER I have gone through both the H1N1 and our most current pandemic of Covid-19 as a frontline staff member and as such, have extensive experience dealing with acutely ill patients in respiratory distress. 


came across a relatively new form of therapy (to me) that is being used overseas in hospital settings with great success in the recovery for patients suffering serious conditions such as respiratory diseases, cancer patients and most recently, Covid-19. My interest in journal articles and blogs alone was enough to capture my attention. The more I read and learned about the potential that Brown's Gas & Hydrogen Therapy possesses, the more I realized this was something that I really wanted to sink my teeth into & educate the masses on. It would be ideal to have these machines and their products in hospitals, clinics and households as soon as possible so that everyone can start reaping the unreal health benefits they provide. 


Ultimately, I would like to explain Brown's Gas and Hydrogen Therapy by breaking it down in layman's terms to respect your time and to simplify some terminology for the newcomers. 

I plan to expand my blogs to other product reviews as well as some community guided reviews based on your feedback. I want this site to be guided by your interests on topics and items that you'd like my quirky writing style to attack and educamate you folks on! To do so, please e-mail me from my contact page with your brilliant thoughts, ideas for future blog topics, feelings of joy, frustrations or whatever you feel like sharing.

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