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The Power of H2 WHOA! Hydrogen Therapy is Power Food for our Bodies at the Cellular level!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Okay, lets get to it with a simplified version -or, put differently "a watered or diluted" version of this otherwise complex or scientific guided concept of the world of molecular hydrogen guided therapy.

Think of hydrogen therapy as being a food or nutrient that our bodies desperately need at every biomolecular level for a plethora of reasons. Usually our bodies make hydrogen by breaking down the food in our guts. Our bodies are now having increased difficulty accessing this vital food of hydrogen (H2) organically. The increase in artificial sweeteners and other GMOs have contributed to this deficiency. Molecular Hydrogen or H2, is the smallest, and most abundant molecule in the entire universe. This allows H2 to blaze its own path in our bodies. Hydrogen's size allows it to surpass even the toughest barricades, most noticeably our blood/brain barrier. Research suggests that molecular hydrogen acts to rid our bodies of oxygen radicals that can stress and kill our cells (called oxidative stress) and act as initiators of disease advancements, including cancerous ones. Molecular hydrogen has implications at our bodies very core- meaning at its coding systems with both our DNA and RNA - H2 helps in our gene expression and the regulation of proteins. So, yeah- fairly important stuff we're talking about.

Inhalation therapy works effectively as hydrogen readily binds to our blood upon entering our bodies. Once bound to blood, hydrogen can travel systemically throughout our bodies to wherever it is most needed. Multiple websites state that thousands of scientific studies suggest that molecular hydrogen or hydrogen gas has a therapeutic potential for over 170 different human diseases, including virtually every organ in our body. It can help sharpen mental fatigue, help alleviate the inflammatory process, help with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsons and even has a role with epilepsy. Skin conditions such as eczema have been noted to have been improved all by use of this powerful source of hydrogen rich gas and Brown's Gas.

So what is Brown's Gas and how is it different from Pure Hydrogen?

Brown's Gas

  • Brown's Gas is Hydrogen= 66.6% and Oxygen =33.3% in atomic proportions.

  • Has the capability of forming electrically expanded water ( ExW )

  • Brown's Gas usually require more frequent maintenance, usually around 200+hrs and do utilize a chemical called Lye in their reservoir tanks that mixes with distilled water and an electrolyzer.

  • HydrOxy (HHO or Brown’s Gas) has all the benefits of molecular hydrogen, in addition to getting the added benefit of ExW that gives the body energy and scavenges free radicals more effectively. ExW is a negatively charged plasma form of water that has bio-available electrons.

Pure Hydrogen

  • Pure Hydrogen machines (most common on the market and mostly used for scientific purposes thus far),

  • Pure Hydrogen is exactly that... hydrogen =100% atomic proportion

  • More products on the market at smaller sizes than most Brown's Gas machines it seems.

  • Pure Hydrogen require less frequent maintenance when compared to Brown's Gas machines - usually after 6 months of use (just needs to have the distilled water drained and replaced usually)

There are multiple ways of obtaining the benefits of molecular hydrogen but I found a really nice article on Qlife's website that points them out as well as some of the top 5 benefits we can notice from utilizing the power of hydrogen therapy.

3 Ways of consuming Molecular Hydrogen

  1. Molecular hydrogen tablets that dissolve in water.

  2. A countertop or portable hydrogen water generating machine that transforms your drinking water into molecular hydrogen water.

  3. An at-home hydrogen inhalation machine (or visiting a clinic that offers hydrogen inhalation treatments).

Top 5 Benefits of Inhaling Molecular Hydrogen

  1. Provides a powerful dose of antioxidants

  2. Offers potent anti-inflammatory benefits

  3. Enhances athletic performance

  4. Offers neuroprotective benefits

  5. May aid in COVID-19 recovery

Other benefits of H2 research include but are not limited to:

  • Selective antioxidant [10]

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects [11]

  • Smallest, most bioavailable molecule [12]

  • Aids in Gene Expression and regulation of proteins [13]

  • Anti-Allergic Effects [14]

  • Anti-Cellular Death (anti-apoptotic) [15]

  • Increases Endogenous Antioxidants [16]

  • Anti-Diabetic Effects [17]

  • Anti-Cancer Effects [18]

  • Improve Cognitive Function [19]

  • Protects DNA & RNA [20]

  • Anti-Tumor Effect [21]

Dear Plant Lovers... Have I something grand pour vous!(for you).

George Wiseman, is a genius inventor who has lived his entire life as an independent researcher, author, and creator of technology including the AquaCure machines, he has a YouTube video explaining multiple little snippets of benefits of Brown's Gas, although a little outdated- this video looks very promising in the role of electrically expanded water ( ExW ), /Brown's Gas with plants.

I have personally used my hydrogen rich and ExW water from my 1L bottle and intermittently watered my plants around the house. Admittedly I haven't been doing comparisons as they did in the video but I will say I put it on a dried out and dying ZZ plant and it now appears to be on steroids as in to say it is thriving while being aliving!


In summary I would say there's a LOT of buzz picking up around the use and implementation of Hydrogen Rich therapy in its various forms.The machines can range from massive machines that looks like transformers- all the way down to dissolvable tablets. There are ~ 3 leading Brown's Gas capable machines that are house friendly tabletop being utilized all over the globe. From Canada, the U.S. Hong Kong, Mainland China & Australia. I have researched and spoken to representatives from each company who were all very keen on helping me with the details of their respective machinery or products..

I would like to follow this first blog of mine with a list of my Top Brown's Gas / Pure Hydrogen Inhalation Machines & a List of the Top Hydrogen Supplements to help simplify your shopping experience. Most companies were delighted that I was taking the time and effort to promote their industry. As a form of thanks they provided me with some (humble) codes to help you save. Be sure to apply my discount code at your carts at the checkouts. Happy browsing & shopping!


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